Groundbreaking Blurb Work….


An excerpt from my Rumpus interview (actually it was an IM) with the very, very funny Sam Lipsyte, author of The Ask:


Rumpus: As long as books are still here, blurbs probably will be, too. You’re known, along with Gary Shteyngart, as being one of the great blurbers of our time. Are there that many wonderful books coming out? Or are you just a softie?


Lipsyte: I see some good stuff. And I want to encourage it—the work I think is interesting, daring. A little friendly push into the void might help the book bump into some faraway readers. A lot of writers have stopped blurbing. Just won’t do it. Burnt out, maybe. I’m getting fatigued, and pass on a lot of stuff now, but I also still want to help somehow. I work with Gary at Columbia, and I’m sure he feels the same way. I love some of his blurbs—they are becoming surreal little projects. He’s doing groundbreaking blurb work. There is also my hunch that blurbs don’t make a difference, but I don’t know.


Rumpus: Groundbreaking blurb work. Now that’s something.


Lipsyte: The ideal would be the bookless blurb.


Rumpus: Or just as rare, the blurbless book….