“[Goodwillie] has created two…sympathetic main characters with distinct and memorable voices. In Aidan’s voice he has written a scathing and hilarious indictment of our bizarre moment in time, complete with jaded socialites, quasi-celebrities, and the media that feed off them and one another…[and] Paige is a strong and memorable female heroine.”

The New York Times Book Review

American Subversive is more than a good thriller. The novel highlights an unsettling lack of faith in institutions and peaceful protest that leads some to believe that harsh tactics are the only way to get noticed.”

The Seattle Times

“Goodwillie perfectly captures the hip disengaged life that could as easily slip into bourgeois success and satisfaction as into terrorist plotting.”

Boston Globe

“From the opening words of his smart debut novel, AMERICAN SUBVERSIVE, David Goodwillie has you hooked. What unfolds is a gripping story that digs into the roots of radicalism in a new generation of disaffected youth…”

Chicago Sun-Times

“The fact that the book then becomes a genuinely thrilling thriller about a radical young woman makes it even better. I’m only a hundred pages in, but I can’t wait to read on…”


The New

“AMERICAN SUBVERSIVE is a political thriller, love story, whodunit and examination of our modern world, all rolled into one. More than anything, though, it’s a great read, a captivating page-turner from the first line – ‘I am in hiding, someplace cold. Someplace they won’t find me, or haven’t yet’ – to its thrilling conclusion… Goodwillie provides us with a triumphant work of fiction that’s every bit as credible as what’s happening in the country these days.”

Associated Press

“The novel is thoughtful and dead-on and its presentation of our postrecession, digitally obsessed, self-cenered, and seemingly morally bankrupt culture.”

USA Today

“American Subversive skillfully spins the themes of morality, loyalty, and patriotism into an insightfully entertaining commentary on modern history and contemporary society. Don’t mistake a buried exegesis for seriousness, though. Goodwillie’s wit serves his story well—in addition to all of the perfectly authentic character quirks, there’s some wry terrorist banter, playful Post-style headline writing, and loads of well-informed satire. This is a fast-paced, engaging novel of pop-culture and big ideas, authentically subversive, and thoroughly American.”


The Daily Beast

“Riveting…Goodwillie is so fine a writer that AMERICAN SUBVERSIVE cannot be ignored.”


Buffalo News

“Fast-paced and intricate . . .Aiden Cole, is, to my knowledge, the first blogger-hero to star in a thriller.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer